Supporting The Health And Wellbeing Of All Pets In Their Own Homes.

Supporting The Health And Wellbeing Of All Pets In Their Own Homes.

Schedule a vet appointment today! 



Schedule a vet appointment today! 


A personal approach


Helping Your Pet

The fundamental aim of our approach is to treat your pet in any time of need and to help your pet advance through life in as optimal a general condition as possible. Age should not be a barrier to a great quality of life in our professional opinion. 

Screening your pet occasionally for genetic, environmental and age related disease processes can allow surveillance of your pets health and facilitate preventative and prophylactic treatments to commence. All achievable within the comfort of your pets own home, reducing stress for all.


Experienced Veterinarian

My name is Tony and I have been practicing as a vet since qualifying in 2009 from the R(D)SVS in Edinburgh (BVMS MRCVS). We believe a fresh approach to veterinary care is needed. Waiting for a beloved pet to become ill and decrepit is no longer an acceptable approach. I have worked in the Hebrides, Midlands, Australia, India and London and garnered vast experience through a diverse set of work experiences which have culminated in my passion for pet wellness.

We strive for excellence in the treatment of all our patients and look forward to warmly greeting you and your pets. 


A Personal Approach

Each patient has an initial consultation and primary course of treatment depending on findings and clinical history.

At each stage of care a collaborative approach will be taken with your pets health the primary concern at each juncture.

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Veterinary Services

Routine illness and ailment

If your pet becomes unwell and in need of treatment this can be easily provided at home. Such treatment may be needed for cases of sickness, diarrhoea, coughing, scratching, ear complaints etc as well as anxious nail clipping and grooming.


All dogs must be microchipped by law as of the 6th April 2016. Cats and any other pet that may stray should also be chipped to ensure their safe return to you should they go missing.

Medication checks

If your pet needs medication or has medication for an ongoing ailment then it will need regular checks to obtain repeat prescriptions. 


If the time comes to say goodbye to your pet we offer a full service in line with your every wish. Your beloved pet will be taken by us personally for cremation and ashes collected and delivered to your home again if you so wish.

Parasite Control

A lot of owners struggle with administering or applying anti-parasiticide treatments to their pets. This can easily be done with a little veterinary help.


Primary vaccination courses are usually started at 8 and 12 weeks of age. Annual renewal is best practice. If your pets vaccinations have lapsed it is advisable to restart the vaccination course. 

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